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Seven Factors to create and execute a successful PR Campaign

Gone are the days where PR was measured on the basis of quantum of coverage got from press release disseminated, attendance of hundreds of media at a press conference or for that matter calculation of MAVs & CCMs of coverage. Companies are now opening up to the idea of running creative PR campaigns which can be aligned to meet its business and communication goals. Similarly, PR agencies are also evolving themselves to craft creative and effective PR campaigns which are backed with intensive research, understanding of the company, industry, trends, socio-economic and cultural scenarios etc.. So what could be some factors to be considered to create a compelling PR campaign?
1.Target Audience First and foremost understanding the target audience of your client is of utmost importance. We should thoroughly understand the consumer segment the company would like to reach out to, what they read, their choices, their key influencers etc. This is the key aspect for consideration when mapping …