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Why you should start your PR today to become Distinct Corporate Brand?

Bill Gates was once quoted famously saying “If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on Public Relations” If the richest man on Earth values PR so much, why many of us still take a myopic view of the discipline that has been part of human evolution journey. PR is all about relationships and without it human evolution would have not been possible. We have often come across public relations function treated as an insignificant cousin of marketing or corporate strategy. We are often the first consultants on the chopping block when a share price takes a nose dive and cash flow is under the microscope.
However, the good thing is this reality is slowly and steadily changing. There are scores of company directors today who take opposing view and understand that when the going gets tough – that is the time you need PR the most. It is the time you need solidarity, support and solution to deal with adverse situation. 
You see when it comes to PR – it’s all about laying the groundwork and taking a proactive approach. You need to decide and think about PR and engaging with all your stakeholders and media as soon as get listed on the stock exchanges or step into business. You cannot afford to lose any PR’able opportunities that can help position your organization as a Distinct Corporate Brand in your industry space. Don’t start late or think about PR after your skeletons have already come out of the closet and banged on the doors of media. There are immediate steps as a responsible company that you can be taking now to agree and commence your PR and investor relations strategy. These actions aren’t ‘nice to haves’ and you’re not doing them because you want your company to look good. Good PR is a strategic driver of new business and investor interest, and it is a key tool for building positive image and reputation and planning any potential crisis scenario that may affect the company.
For those Company Directors who still have no idea about how PR works or what are the applications/benefits of long term PR, let me make it simple for you by understanding the context of Mr Bill Gates quote in the beginning of this article.  What Bill Gates wanted to convey was,  PR is not just about spending your money on media, investor and marketing activities. PR deals effectively with perception. It changes negative perception and creates positive image and reputation by continuous engagement, communication and key positioning message delivery to identified target audience.  Strategic PR is also about proactively identifying areas, causes where your organization can contribute towards betterment of a society at large and this is how you can make your stakeholders perceive you as caring, responsible admirable, respectable and Distinct Corporate Brand and Citizen. 

click here for an example of one such small initiative 

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